The Korean Medical Physics Certification Board (KMPCB) is an independent, nonprofit organization. We were founded to provide board certification to all diplomates who have met a defined standard of education, training and knowledge in medical physics, and to accredit medical physics educational programs which have met the rigorous standards of education and training. In November 2015, the KMPCB was accredited by the International Medical Physics Certification Board (IMPCB) endorsed by the International Organization for Medical Physics (IOMP). The accreditation of our certification boards means to enhance the status of medical physicists and, especially, certified medical physicists worldwide. The Board began to examine and certify candidates for recognition as medical physicists. The KMPCB offers certification for medical physicists and accreditation of education programs in the specialties of Nuclear Medical Physics, and Therapeutic Medical Physics.


The mission of the Korean Medical Physics Certification Board (KMPCB) is to protect and improve the health and welfare of the public through more qualified and professional medical physicists.


The purposes of the Korean Medical Physics Certification Board (KMPCB) are:

  1. To define minimum professional standards and improve the practice of medical physics where medical physics is defined as the application of physics and related sciences to the clinical practice of medicine (including but not limited to Radiation Oncology Physics; Diagnostic Radiology Physics; Nuclear Medicine Physics; Non-ionizing Radiation Physics; and Medical Health Physics)
  2. To establish the infrastructure, requirements and assessment procedures for the accreditation of medical physics educational programs offered by the KMPCB
  3. To establish the infrastructure, requirements and examination procedures for the board certification of medical physicists
  4. To conduct examinations of acceptable candidates who seek certification or continuous certification by the board
  5. To grant and issue certificates in the field of medical physics to applicants who have been found qualified by the KMPCB
  6. To maintain a registry of holders of such certificates and serve the public by preparing and furnishing lists of medical physicists who have been certified by the KMPCB
  7. To establish a continuing education and professional development system for certified medical physicists